Thursday, May 20, 2010

Garden, goats, soccer

The kids and I spent most of the morning weeding and transplanting plants today. The weeds have overtaken the garden, we have had so much rain lately they are growing faster than I can pull them.

The newly fence garden. One side needs to be reinforced because of our very strong winds but that will have to wait until July. The chickens are still getting in the garden so I will still have to cover the beds with netting.

We transplanted one bed of Tomatoes, and just as Jacob and I were finishing a hail storm came in. I stood by for the 2-3 minutes it took to pass. The tomatoes didn't get any damage from it.

Strawberry bed. We have already picked some and can't wait until there is more.

Jacob and I weeding the beds.
Praise is giving me about a quart a day. I put the babies away in the evening and milk in the morning. I then return babies to mama. I can't wait for another month when I wean the kids so I can get double the amount of milk

Soccer season ends this week. I am always sad to see it end. The kids just love it as do the parents. Upward is such a great program. The kids learn drills, sportsmanship, and scripture all at the same time. Each week they are given scripture to memorize and drills to work on. This will be Jacob's last year:( Not sure what he wants to do next year, he has talked about Martial arts but we will see.

Jocelyn's soccer picture, poor girl was throwing up that morning but made it for pictures.


PrairieMom said...

Looks wonderful! Wtg!
Such a fun time of never know what the weather will's crazy!
Have fun.
Thanks for sharing...the fence turned out great!

Flowers said...
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Dalyn (AKA The Queen of Quite Alot) said...

it's all lookin' good! BOSS in the goat rain will give you more milk. As will adding alfalfa daily to her diet. It's just hard to give her that with all the others around...I know!