Friday, June 15, 2007

Sweet Red

I finally made some strawberry jam. We bought some strawberries at Costco and I made my first ever jam. Yummy.


PrairieMom said...

Yummo! Gotta love strawberry jam....reminds me...I should go check on our strawberry patch. We hope to get to them before the robins do! So far the CD's we strung up the other night seem to be working. Hmmmm....I'll let you know.

PrairieMom said...

Hold on to your seat! We picked our first....7...strawberries! Oh my...what sweet success. Can't wait until the raspberries are ready. We will have at least a few flats of them. Apparently the CD's are working since there aren't any signs of bird beaks on the berries, hurray!