Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Busy Few Days

It has been busy around here. Last week a friend from hubby's work GAVE us a pool!! What a blessing it has been in the hot weather. The Kids are having a blast and the dogs are staying out of it.

Then we went to Mom and Dad's to visit with Mom why Dad was out of town. Sunday we celebrated hubby's 36th birthday by mowing the lawn and doing yard work, LOL.

School is officially done but we will be reviewing over the summer. It is nice to have the break, but things are still not getting done, hmmm??? Maybe some scheduling is in order for next week. Hubby has started to build the chicken coop and will holefully finish it this weekend. Looking forward to some fresh eggs.

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PrairieMom said...

Hey you guys! Looks like fun. We had a whopper of a storm here today. Willow branches cover our backyard, several thousand people are without power and there is a tornado warning for east of us, eek! Welcome to eastern WA, eh? We are warm and cozy, though. Still have our power and low and behold, there isn't a cloud in the sky and we have a forecast of 75-85 for the weekend. Go figure.
Hope your weekend goes well. So, how much for 5 dozen eggs? well do they travel? Hee hee....