Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We've Been Busy

That seems to be the theme of blogland these days. We are no exception. The garden has been keeping the kids and I busy weeding. So far we have harvested chives, thyme, basil, and onions. The weather has been cooler than normal so the veggies are taking their sweet time ripening.
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Rob and the kids went raspberry picking while I helped pick up a goat for a friend, which I made into some yummy jam. One day I will hopefully have enough of my own raspberries to make jam with.

We got a free new to us chicken coop, and 6 new young chickens. We also bought 12 new chicks, all laying. We haven't decided if we are doing meat chickens or not this year.

We also got our annual cherries from our neighbor. We are blessed to have orchards all around us. So we froze 6 gallons of cherries and I made freezer cherry pie filling. I wanted to can it so I could give it for Christmas presents but all the recipes called for something called "clear jel" which I couldn't find in the stores so I had to go the freeze route.

We are also going to the park once a week to spend with friends. The kids have a blast playing and having light saber wars.
Our van is still not fixed, the second goat kid died, and just today our well pump went out:( Our neighbors were sweet and let us get some water for drinking and dishes. We have the pump guys coming out tomorrow. Rob tried to fix it(since he is the fix it man) but the pump is submersible and he has never done it before or has never seen it done.
Now that the goats are doing better I am making cheese again. The first feta I made I used to much rennet. But the second one turned out much better. I have also been making chevre...yummy!!! Ice cream, yogurt, and freezing milk for soap. My first batch of soap should be ready to use this week, so we will see how it turned out.
On Fourth of July we headed to the fairgrounds where they give a free concert. This year it was Chris August. It was put on by our local Christian radio station. First time that we have gone there for the Fourth. This song we dedicate to our daughter Jordan:Candy Wrap

We probably wouldn't have gone except Jacob was presenting Arms before the fire works.

Jacob also got to help out with crowd control and guiding planes around (flight line marshaling), helping out with cleaning the plane and helping with parking when a B-25 "Maid in the Shade" came to our local flight museum. We have had an unusual busy summer so far and it isn't even half over!

This picture I got off of the web, because I forgot my camera both days...grrrr.


Farming Mama said...

Sounds like you guys have been having a blast this summer! Too bad on your other goat baby & van & well pump (ours went out a month or two ago too - isn't it hard with kids to all of a sudden have no water?!). Good luck on getting it fixed soon!

OurCrazyFarm said...

I always think summer will be filled with lazy days, but you are right, it usually ends up being busy.
So sorry about your goat :((

The jelly looks yummy! I enjoyed all the pics, too!

Good for you to make soap! Hope you share the story and pics!

PrairieMom said...

(Mostly) love your update, Tee!
I agree, please share soap pics soon.
And thanks for the visit today. I miss you SO MUCH! Love you sister ♥

PrairieMom said...

(Mostly)love your update, Tee. Thanks for sharing! And I agree, please post soap pictures soon.
Thanks for the visit today.
I miss you lots, sister!

PrairieMom said...

(Mostly) love your update, Tee! And I agree, please post soap pictures soon. Thanks for the visit today. I miss you lots, sister! (((hugs)))) ♥♥♥♥