Thursday, December 23, 2010

New friend, hope it won't stay long.

We found some a new friend this week and it immediately moved in with us. Some of us have taken to it more than others. We are hoping it won't stay long because it has already been here all week and we really aren't enjoying it. It even brought their friends, can you image?? How Rude can you be??

They have totally taken over our kitchen!!

And the Bathroom!!

Yep, and right before Christmas to make sure all of our plans get ruined. Thanks friend, thanks a lot!

Flu is the name of our friend I hope it stays away from your house!


~Tonia said...

Oh I am so sorry!.... I hope that particular friend stays far away from here! Hope you all feel better soon!

Teresa said...

Thank you Tonia!

OurCrazyFarm said...

The flu has visited here, too, and I hope it will stay gone for Christmas! Hope you all feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

{{Hugs}} The flu is no fun :( May you all heal quickly and have a blessed Christmas weekend.