Sunday, September 19, 2010


So far we are this year we have covered some anatomy using Apologia Science. LOVE LOVE LOVE their books. So do the kids and that is what matters right??!! Our first lesson was on cells, so Saturday we make edible cells...what could be more fun than that? Yellow jello, candies and waaallla....what could be more easy than that? There is actually more to it than that but you get my drift. If you are doing the edible cells you might want to use a bowl that isn't too big(this is the right size)

or it might look like this:

But it is supposed to look like this:

We all had fun making it and the kids had fun eating it!


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Maureen said...

Thanks 4 the tips & pictures. We r doing ours next week. I just love this science!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great weekend!