Tuesday, August 3, 2010

other news

In other news our wether kid died a couple days after we got back from my parents house. Apparently he had internal injuries and was bleeding internally. The vet put him down. It probably happened when one of the larger goats decided to push him around and pushed too hard. It is a long drawn out story and I won't bore you with the details. This is the first death of a goat that we have had since having goats. The kids handled it really well. Jordan went with Rob to the vet and didn't even shed a tear. We definitely have some farm kids here. I am also milking 2x a day now. I was only getting a little less than a pint so I decided to put Dot in confinement so I could milk in the evenings. Breeding season is coming upon us so I will be taking my girls one at a time to Dalyn's to meet their buck! Looking forward to next year cause I will have milk coming out my ears!
I am finally getting to feel better after testing positive for strep this past weekend. I ended up going to the ER Sunday morning with the family in tow. It came out of no where and came on so fast. So far no one else has any symptoms. I wouldn't wish that on my worse enemy. Talk about pain!!
Football camp is this week and the season starts next week, so much for summer! And in a few weeks we will be starting school. I am looking forward to this year like no other. We have changed up the curriculum a bit and I am very excited. It will be a complete new year for Jacob although I don't think he is too excited;)

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ourcrazyfarm said...

So sorry about your goat:(( It is so hard to lose these critters.

Hope your feeling better:))

We decided to sign up for football for the first time here this fall, too. I'm not sure if I am up to running 4 days a week for the next couple of months, but I am sure it will have great rewards as well.

I am in the middle of preparing for home school, too. Once I get through that huge stack of books to sort in the classroom I may get a little more excited:))

I thought I was a follower on your blog Teresa and then come to find out I am not and have missed lots of stuff~ fun to catch up and see all the great pictures! Terri