Friday, July 2, 2010


Well we have been home for more than a week now from our month long vacation. Things have some what gotten back to normal. The weeds are at a more controllable level. So I thought I would write some more about our trip. We headed down from WA to CA to see Robs grandparents. From there we went to the Grand Canyonand then on to Texas where we stayed 2 1/2 weeks. We then headed home going through OK, KS, NB, SD, WY, MT, and ID. We had a great trip and saw places we would never had seen had we taken a plane. It seems like no one sees the country anymore, Everyone is in such a hurry to get to the next place. We would definitely do it again! Maybe next time we will head to the Eastern part of the US. Here is some pictures from Texas.
The kids playing in Baba and MiMi's backyard

We took the Grapevine Vintage Train to Ft. Worth. Thank goodness the cars were open aired! There was no air conditioning on the train. It would have been even hotter than it was!
Out the back of the last train car.

The Grapevine Train Depot.

The Vintage Train

An abandoned house along the way.

Heading into the Ft Worth Train Depot.

Ft. Worth was having a BBQ cook off that weekend. It hadn't opened yet so we just checked out the pits and the stage. We took a picture of the stage because the sign on top said Cops for Kids BBQ competition...and down below it was sponsored by Coors. Thought it was funny...only in Texas!!

The train coming back into Ft. Worth to pick us up.

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