Saturday, February 21, 2009

NO, I have't dropped off the face of the earth:)

Jordan studying her AWANA book before competition at the AWANA Bible quizzing, where they got 2nd place!

The roses Rob gave me for V~day

I am trying my hand at drying the rose petals in my garage on my dirt sifter Rob made for me.

We've been busy, it is almost spring you know:) We are planning our garden and seeing what needs to be done around the property. Our first project we are working on is our garden. It will be much bigger this year so we can start canning and preserving more, I think we all need to put our basic skills to work because no one knows what the future holds for us. We also just purchased a green house so I can work more:), haha. I ordered my seed from Seeds of Change and Johnny's. I am waiting patiently for Spring to arrive so I can get busy in the garden.

We have signed the kids up for 4H and are excited about adding this to our school curriculum. There is a lot to know going into it, but I think it will only benefit the kids and their academics.

Two of the goats are to kid in mid-May if their meeting with the buck took...we shall see. I assisted Dalyn in cleaning off her goat kids when hers delivered and that was an experience like no other. I can not wait for the kids~they are so fun!

We also will be getting 2 lambs and a beef cow hopefully soon so come fall our freezer will be full!

School is progressing along just fine, the kids can see the light at the end of the tunnel:) Each month we participate in "Country Nights" where there is one country picked and all the kids do a project from that country. The parents bring a meal from that country and after the meal is eaten then the presentations are made. Here is Jocelyn presenting marmots to the group, for the country Austria. This month is the country of Hungary.


PrairieMom said...

Beautiful pictures, Tee...lovin' the one of your roses. Perhaps pressing the petals within wax paper and placing them inbetween the pages of a heavy book would be best?
Hope you had good results, though.

Love you lots and bunches,

Jennifer said...

Teresa - Why can't I find your email address? Do I not have it!?!?!? Email me so I can send you the relish