Friday, February 29, 2008

Spring is a comin'

Happy March

This month we have so much going on! So much, if I didn't put it on paper(or computer) my head would explode:) So here it is:

Fix truck(w/o it we wouldn't be able to do most on this list)

replace timing chain on van

Order seeds

till garden

build garden beds

get soil ammendments

clean out chicken coop and put away winter lights

reorganize garage so we can park in there again

finish painting trim and doors on house

buy hops logs for fencing->get them to house:)

make sure all sprinklers are in working order

clear spot for swing set we are getting from friends

Hubby start drilling out holes in logs for fence

put fence up

start building shelter for goats

continue to declutter house and clean it!

And on top of all this all soccer season is upon us, so practices for three of the kids. Thankfully they are all in upward soccer and will be practicing and playing their games at the same place.
Ok it doesn't seem that bad when you write it out. Although I am sure I missed a few things, oh well there is always April:)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

To get your flowers go here:
There is some snow and ice still on the ground, but I can smell spring, or maybe it's just the 50 degree temps:) The kiddos and us grown ups have been outside for the past few days enjoying the sunny weather.
This weekend was very productive, we butchered(we, meaning my hubby) 2 of our roosters and helped out at our friends farm, trimming goat hooves, castrating the boy, and giving shots. It was quite a weekend. I am looking forward to more on-hands-learning. It really is the best way to learn, and the easiest way for me to learn. There is so much to learn that you can't learn out of book. Thanks Dalyn!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008


The day started with some cinnamon rolls and a kiss for brother from all the girls in the house. Nothing like waking up to girls over your bed with big ole kisses comin at you. His response..."you'll pay for that" Some how I don't think he will be reciprocating in the same way:) Later on there will be an early dinner and a movie for the kiddos, so Daddy and I can have a nice and quiet dinner.

Monday, February 11, 2008

When Not to Give your 2 1/2 yr old child milk

1. When you have to wake her at 9:05am...
2. When she wakes up and asks for water, and you say "I have milk do you want that instead?"...
3. When she says "Ummm, OK"...(Shoulda clued in here, she loves milk)
4. After having her milk she says "Can I have water now?" (again, shoulda took the clue...)
5. When after her sister throws up in the bathroom near her she says "Mommy, I sick, I throw up"...and Mommy says "No, you're not sick, sissy is sick"
6. For breakfast she asks for toast...and then proceeds to decorate the table with the milk she drank 15 minutes before:((((( DUH!!!
These are one of those live and learn moments, and not one I want to repeat! yes the stomach flu has hit our home, thankfully it doesn't last long. 3 out of the 4 kids have had it and Hubby and I have been spared, so far.

Looking Ahead

With February almost half over already I am excitingly looking toward spring, and this is how I see it:
Less of this:

And More of this:

Less of this:

More of this:

Less of this:

More of this:

Less of this:

More of this:

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Falling Hearts

To get your falling hearts, go here: