Friday, August 1, 2008


Love that catchy title eh? We've been quite busy the last few weeks. The family went Blueberry picking twice, which yielded 9 gallons of berries. I made a batch of strawberry jam, harvested veggies out of the garden, finished the fence, butchered 2 of our roosters. Here are some pictures:

Elvis~a young, but very mean rooster. So off to the pot for him!

Brownie~a very protective rooster but also beating the hens up, so off to the pot he goes!

This is what over half of our hens look like.

Our finally finished pasture fence. This is one project we are glad to have done.

Some of the veggies we harvested out of the garden. This is the second picking of carrots and we are picking tomatoes everyday, but some of them don't make it into the house:)


Michelle said...

The pasture/fence looks beautiful!!! We are still having issues over here getting ours done.

What is the deal? Our chickens aren't that bad. I am wondering why your rooster is doing that! Do you want another rooster? Call me if you want to eat him too. I am getting rid of him ASAP.

Polarbear Productions said...

Nice job sis....

Dalyn (AKA The Queen of Quite Alot) said...

Love your veggies! Great pictures Teresa!