Tuesday, July 8, 2008

kitchen remodel

My sister reminded me yesterday that I had not posted pictures of our new kitchen. We still have some work to do but we are loving it

80's black appliances. Literally the spindals in the DW would break everytime we would put something in it. It was more of a sanitizer than anything else.

yellowing floor do I need to say more?

Hubby putting new floor in, a word of advice...if you do the vinyl tiles get the individual tiles, much easier!

Double oven built in microwave, and a working dishwasher.

ahhh the fridge, we are still getting used to the double doors, loving it! You'll notice the open cabinet. We had to widen the spot for the fridge and making the cabinet thinner. Hubby is going to put in a shelf where we can put large baskets on them to store napkins and such. It will soften the stainless up a bit.


philippine lotto said...
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Dalyn (AKA The Queen of Quite Alot) said...

lookin' so good! I really love your kitchen. I think I'll be over soon with my dinner to cook there instead of mine. Move over.

PrairieMom said...

Hiya Tee!
We so enjoyed our visit with you guys...
Please forgive me for kickin' your booty at Rummy...on your turf, no less...arghhh.
Hugs? Please? lol...

The kitchen ROCKS! What a wonderful improvement.

Enjoy every minute,

Polarbear Productions said...

Nice work! Can you come do mine?