Thursday, November 29, 2007

Snow Time Activities

We played hookie from school today so we could play in the snow. After my youngest went down for a nap the other kids and I set up the tree.( For you Thanksgiving visitors...yes the table is still in the living room, seems my hubby has grown quite fond of it GRRRR) The kids did a great job and it went up and was decorated in less than 2 hrs. We also put up our stockings and decorated the rest of the house.
The kids came out of the cold to hot cocoa with marshmellows, and how buttered popcorn. And then for dessert I made pumpkin bread and topped it with Cool Whip. What a fun day...I think we might do the same for tomorrow:)

Here hubby was holding our youngest trying to get her to put the angel on top...she didn't quite get the hang of it...

So we tried #3 and she couldn't get it on either..Hubby just ended up doing it. Made for some laughs and giggles

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Anonymous said...

Oh my! Great pics! Looks like you all have been enjoying the snow too :).

We've had an absolute blast being "stuck" here at home & that whole "pioneer" spirit thing. I'm so sad now though, the rain is ruining all of the snow.

Can't wait to come see the house all dec'd out!