Friday, October 14, 2011


For the past few years we have been using Jeannie Fulbrights Apologia Science and we all love it! Right now we are using the Human Anatomy and Physiology elementary science book. We just finished working on cell structure so the kids made their cells out of jello and candy...what kid wouldn't like this book?? Here are some pictures of them making the cells and then eating them. Fun Stuff!!! Sorry about the yellow pictures, I took them with my cell phone and it wasn't the best light.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


I love fall! It is my favorite time of year. Usually I can't wait for it to get here, but this year our summer showed up late and it was a mild one, I don't think it even got to the triple digits. So I wasn't quite ready for the cooler weather. BUT now that it is here I LOVE it!!
Our schedule has been very busy with Jacob in football several nights a week and CAP, Jocelyn is now in Basketball (and loving it)We also have AWANA for the younger girls. I watch a neighbor preschooler 3 days a week, Jordan has piano and both of the older girls have Bible study every other week... I'm tired just writing it all down. Thankfully football ends after next week. Rob has been helping coach his team so that has been keeping Rob very busy outside of work.
Needless to say we haven't gotten too much done outside. The garden still needs to be rototilled before the freeze hits which will be in the next few weeks. We've trimmed half of the goats hooves and they have all been wormed for the fall. Our irrigation gets turned off tomorrow so soon we will have to start haying the goats...I guess we need to find hay:)We still need to fence in the chicken pen so we can get some eggs. The puppy is growing fast, and boy is she smart.
School is going great, I'm loving it more than any other year. I am not sure why but everything clicked this year. I still have some things to add and they will get added as we go on.