Saturday, March 27, 2010

3 more days

Praise's due date is coming fast! She is due on Tuesday so we are on goat watch. She has freedom during the day but gets locked up at night just in case. I will be staying close to home until she delivers.

She seems smaller this year than last year but I am still hoping for twins. She is, by far my sweetest goat, loves to be loved on. I try and get a picture up close but she is usually right in my face wanting kisses.
When feeding time comes around and I am late on getting out there they come looking for me at my kitchen window, yelling at me to get my rump out there to feed them.

When they see us coming its a full charge! I love their ears when they run makes them look like they are flying.

Chicken news
Right now we have 14 chickens plus three chicks. During the winter we were getting 5-8 eggs a day, now we are getting 0, nada, none. So the chickens have been put in jail until they start laying in the coop. I am not sure if they are hiding them or just taking a break from laying. Nobody is too happy about it, they usually have free range of the yard. My goal is to put the coop in the pasture with the goats, it will be a big job so I am not sure it will happen this year or not.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Birthday Girl!

Happy 10th Birthday Jordan!! We celebrated yesterday since we have AWANA today. She didn't have to do any chores and she got to choose the food for the day( I might have to revamp this because 5 and 7 course meals are being requested☺ Here are her meal that she chose.
B:Eggs, bacon cinnamon rolls
L:Velveeta Mac&cheese, grapefruit, doritos
D:Baby Back Ribs, mashed potatoes, melon, and salad(which I forgot)
Cake was chocolate with vanilla frosting and ice cream.